After more than 12 great years with a plenty of very happy memories including 5000+ investor meetings, 170+ roadshows and conferences across 20 different cities around the globe, that started with share sales to pre-IPO investors, Initial Public Offering (IPO), continuing with other transactions (such as share sale transactions to Groupe ADP), numerous and prestigious awards in Investor Relations (annual report, web site, financial results announcement, crisis management etc.) and Corporate Governance, today is my last day at TAV and this is my last email as TAV's Head of Investor Relations.


Please address all questions about TAV Investor Relations activities to . My duties in investor relations at TAV will be assumed by Ali ( ) and Besim ( ).


I would like to thank all of you that helped me along the way. I am leaving TAV with a life time experience, thanks to the strong support of Dr. Sani Sener, as well as board members and management. I will be in touch with my new details soon and looking forward to staying in touch with all of you.